You really see Pakistan being unhappy about India’s wins in World Cup 2015?


Twitter was on fire during the first two of India’s matches in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, against Pakistan and South Africa. Indian team was both, magical and clinical. Neither India, nor Pakistan, perhaps not any in world cricket, expected India to perform the way Indians did. Amidst some exceptional performances, undeniably the one central aspect of these wins was MS Dhoni’s captaincy. Field positions, rotation of bowlers, devising the plan, pepping all up to focus on the plan, and not worrying about living dangerously, were all what this great Indian captain continuously fancied.

Ask anyone before the match’s result and you would identify a lie in if the answer comes as “may the best team win” when an Indian and a Pakistani friend ask each other the same question: “who’ll win?”. Both countries have simpler rules when it comes to a cricket match between the two nations:

  1. We win against you. That’s as good as lifting the World Cup
  2. We are happiest when we win against you. We are equally happy if you lose against any other team
  3. Each of the two countries’ internal population is one single nation during an India-Pakistan cricket match. From the next day onward, we get back to our religion, ordinary politics, more

We must thank MS Dhoni for some exceptional reactions captured during the India-South Africa match from our neighbour and you’ll thought Pakistan entirely was unhappy with India’s win! For once, let’s appreciate:

@jawaadnazeer from Lahore, Pakistan

@jawaadnazeer from Lahore, Pakistan

@mansoorkhoso from Pakistan

@mansoorkhoso from Pakistan

@IamScheraz from Lahore, Pakistan

@IamScheraz from Lahore, Pakistan

@Mansanpk2009 from Karachi, Pakistan

@Mansanpk2009 from Karachi, Pakistan

I had the chance to chat with a Twitterati, Muhammad Ahmed (@M_Ahmad07) from Lahore, Pakistan and here’s how the conversation goes:

Chat during India vs South Africa match WC2015

Chat during India vs South Africa match WC2015 between @BadaniVishal and @M_Ahmad07

Rightly so, the world does deserve a great match each time any nation plays against each other.

@hinaanjum94 from Pakistan

@hinaanjum94 from Pakistan

To add, Star Sports India pulled it off great with the Mauka Mauka adverts. It’s emerged more like a Hello Tune in the minds of Indians and I am certain it has had as much effect in the minds of both, Pakistanis and South Africans. So much so that the hashtag #MaukaMauka remained a top trend for a reasonably good time during the match, while other hashtags continued dominating, #IndvsSA, #SAvsInd, #IndvsPak. Like Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) had converted in to Eden Gardens, South Africa enjoyed tremendous support from everyone in Pakistan. The Mauka Mauka advert could not have depicted any better. And they are quick to react immediately after the match result with the next advert for the India vs UAE match.

While writing this post, I stumbled upon: Reactions of Pakistani cricket fans who were eagerly praying for the second “MAUKA” in India vs SA match on It brings out interesting tweets at the start of the match and during the course of India’s win. Picking on a couple of them for you (but do check all the other tweets in the link above):





India still has a long way to go in the World Cup 2015. It is however heartwarming that India indeed is playing like defending champions. Admittedly, I would have been extremely upset if the games did not go in our favour and the Mauka Mauka tune and adverts would really not have been something that I would continue listening to and watching with sheer happiness.

Meanwhile, here’s what Sanjay Jha tweeted after we won against South Africa:

@JhaSanjay National Spokesperson INC Party

@JhaSanjay National Spokesperson INC Party

If you do happen to roll over some replies that he received on Twitter, you will certainly enjoy the reactions. I have also noticed that some reactions have been taken off.

So where’s the issue? Cross-border?

Sport must always essentially be rated higher than religion. Music, sports, and talent rather than religion should run a country.

Rail India and The Bullet Dream

Rail India and The Bullet Dream PM Narendra Modi tweeted on 25th July 2012 perhaps confirming about his first bullet train travel. Tweet by Narendra Modi on Bullet Train It was only in Sep. 2013 that he was officially announced as BJP’s PM candidate. Among several agendas that the historic 2014 elections were contested on, his rallies and speeches covered that India should have high speed trains. In Jan. 2014, he said that he wanted bullet trains to connect India’s 4 major metros by India’s 75th Independence Day (in 2022), calling for new “railway universities” to be opened as centres for engineering innovation in the process. It is encouraging to learn that as soon as he won the elections, his team was working towards his vision and the PM wishes to have the first high-speed train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai running by end-2017 (covering 543 kms at Rs 70000 crores). Many of us believe that his vision is achievable, thanks to the PM’s own implementation ability, work attitude and more so because of his strength in selecting / appointing the right people for the job. His intent in responsible delegation and accountability is noteworthy through the Gujarat model of development.

For us, the commoners, the dummy guide says the following about ambitious transport projects in independent India:


Systematic Nonsense | #Education

Education Nonsense

Picture by Sumit Drew (

Status of the unfortunates:

Let’s categorize students based on their 10th std. and 12th std. scores in India and their reactions:

93% or higher: I could have got better in that subject. A couple more percentile would have done no harm. Surely, there was a problem in checking my papers. I am likely to take Science. I might study engineering. You see, others cannot get admission (more…)

The Great Education Antidote

Education Antidote

How many around you are actually building a career based on what they have studied?

The funny side of a great education is that it allows you to break rules to grow. In reality, breaking a rule as the very reason should be the optimal necessity if you think you are earning a top education. Strange? Here’s why I think so:

Enjoy external texts

Textbook (Indians can read it as ‘digest’) was the last good product that education made. It is a waste to only prepare for your exams. Scoring high (cracking the test) does have its benefits, but the fact is, you are studying now to ensure you make a great career (earn money or change/develop systems). Your employer or your future business is smart enough to find you a dumb-ass if your (stagnant) wits do not show them a good future. Read external texts, take suggestions from a pro or a lecturer on books / case studies to read. 1000s around you are doing exactly what is asked of them to do – learning academic curriculum. Take that additional step to read what you (may) like and you will find your academic curriculum easier. Believe me on this!

Remember, professors love learning from you. In reality, except for whatever they are reading, their only source of learning is from your smartness. Read everything!

Meet experts – Visit companies (any level)


Vocation Education – Finally in India!


In Sep. 2011, I wrote a post about “Smarter Literacy: Taking a break while studies – a phenomenon unheard in Bharat“. The article talked about why vocational education was important and why taking a break while studies was essential for Indian students (if not for all students).

Nearly 3 years from then, we finally hear that Vocation Education does kick off in 92 Indian Colleges (4 in Mumbai) as this Mumbai Mirror article confirms. The new approach (applaud) is welcome and will allow students to take a break after the first year and also do some internships. The number of courses as of now are limited but this is a great start. (more…)

Focalize Your Learning

Relevance is in–execution of thoughts, clearing of any hurdles, (constantly) improving and delivering. While ‘measurable quality’ sounds unreasonable, the doer of the distinctive is aware of the larger picture (and oftentimes, also the repercussions). That’s how perhaps they go on to be claimed as geniuses by others. Unfortunately, most (self-proclaimed) constant learners are so ungenerous to their own value-notion. Take for instance career hoppers (can be read as industry hoppers). I mean, they are great people–gutsy, learners, accumulators of sense and knowledge (cross-functional training and adaptability mean some are serious fat pay-check earners too). But notice their terrible justification of consistent mistakes, indecision, boring jobs, work-life imbalance–the blame’s conferred upon time, circumstance and incredible lack of innocence around them! (more…)

Device it! Pep talks aren’t enough

Pep talks are great. They bring a high in some, allow some to vent out their under-realized passions. Encouragement in any form is an incredible advantage. All seems enthusiastic when you’re bolstered with a celebrated speech. Conversely, rendering pep talks as a substitute to solutions – never make that silent resignation.

The reward will only be a real result when you – collaborate, communicate, (crucially important) plan with past experiences, facts and figures, establish timelines to achieve, execute the plan (keeping everyone updated timely), track the movement, watch it all happen! Appreciation is a better replacement to ‘pep talks without real solutions and timeframes’. (more…)